Insurance Solutions

Unexpected events can leave your family without the cash flow needed for day-to-day expenses. We offer a range of products that can provide temporary or permanent coverage to replace your income, fund expenditures that arise due to a death (ie. taxes or final expenses). I can help determine your needs and decide which insurance product solution is best for you.

However, there are other features of life insurance that benefit families, business owners and professionals depending upon their current and long term financial positions. I provide three basic insurance solutions to my clients.

Insurance needs over time

Alternative investment vehicle for fixed income

A strategy for corporate asset efficiency

  1. Temporary and permanent needs over time
    Life insurance meets different needs at different stages of your life. You should update your coverage to reflect important events in your life.
  2. Insurance as an alternative investment asset class for taxable fixed income
    The major advantage of using life insurance (permanent participating) as an alternative asset class is:

Tax advantage on growth

Low fees

Asset protection

Estate tax reduction

Stable yields

Tax advantage life insurance products are structured such that a certain amount of life insurance is purchased to ensure that the policy will qualify under the MTAR rules and therefore remain an exempt policy, while at the same time providing the maximum amount of tax advantage income accumulation.

Depending upon client circumstances, funds can either be used to provide an income stream during their lifetime (living benefits) or enhance the value of their estate upon their death.

  1. A strategy for corporate asset efficiency
    Save it – Redirect your company’s excess cash from taxable investments to tax advantaged permanent insurance. Growth inside the policy is not eroded by income tax, within prescribed limits. Save on taxes to keep more money working for you.
    Spend it – Access the policy’s accumulated cash value by using the policy as collateral for a line of credit. Use loan advances to provide your business or yourself with a stream of income.
    Leave it – At death, the policy’s death benefit pays off the loan. The full death benefit payable to your company (less adjusted cost basis, if any) is eligible for distribution to shareholders – including your successors or heirs – as tax-free dividends.

Financial Products & Solutions:

  • Life insurance
  • Critical Illness insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Heath insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Employee benefit & retirement plans
  • Business succession planning